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Kit Robot Solar 6 en 1

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products specification :
This product is boxed six-in-one solar toy assembly, six-in-one solar toy parts can be assembled on a number of combinations of the six products on the map. Wind rotor blades, solar boats, solar windmills, solar puppies and more.
Produced products, placed in the solar light can move, no battery, energy saving, solar power process glance, both to learn a wealth of knowledge, you can also exercise ability to develop intellectual thinking. Material: ABS plastic
Size is as follows:
Steamboat: 121 × 61 × 86mm
Windmill: 154 × 153 × 239
Puppy: 68 × 46 × 64
Car: 70 × 54 × 34
Aircraft: 154 × 61 × 94
Rotating aircraft: 218 × 61 × 166

shipping list:
1 X DIY six-in-one solar assembly creative toy assembly assembled puzzle windmill automotive technology

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