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Controlador de motor, paso a paso, + Módulo DRV8825

Stepper Motor-Driver Control Panel + DRV8825 Stepper-Motor Driver
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  • PWM Microstepping motor driver
    • Built-in microstepping indexer
    • Up to 1/32 microstepping
  • Multiple decay modes
    • Mixed decay
    • Slow decay
    • Fast decay
  • 8.2V to 45V Operating supply voltage range
  • 2.5A Maximun drive current at 24V and T=25ºC
  • Simple Step/Dir interface
  • Low current sleep mode
  • Built-in 3.3V reference output
  • Small package and foot print
  • Protection features
    • Overcurrent protection (OCP)
    • Thermal shutdown (TSD)
    • VM undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
    • Fault condition indication pin (nFAULT)
  • Automatic teller machines
  • Money handling machines
  • Video security cameras
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Office automation machines
  • Gamming machines
  • Factory automation
  • Robotics



The DRV8825 provides an integrated motor driver solution for printers, scanners, and other automated equipment applications. The device has two H-bridge drivers and a microstepping indexer, and is intended to drive a bipolar stepper motor. The output driver block consists of N-channel power MOSFET’s configured as full H-bridges to drive the motor windings. The DRV8825 is capable of driving up to 2.5 A of current from each output (with proper heat
sinking, at 24 V and 25ºC.

A simple STEP/DIR interface allows easy interfacing to controller circuits. Mode pins allow for configuration of the motor in full-step up to 1/32-step modes. Decay mode is configurable so that slow decay, fast decay, or mixed decay can be used. A low-power sleep mode is provided which shuts down internal circuitry to achieve very low quiescent current draw. This sleep mode can be set using a dedicated nSLEEP pin.

Internal shutdown functions are provided for overcurrent, short circuit, under voltage lockout and over temperature. Fault conditions are indicated via the nFAULT pin.

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