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Tira de LED de 5 metros 300 LEDs 12V, blanco frío

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View angle:120°

Working Voltage: 12V DC


LED Quantity: 300 leds 5M

Working Current/Meter:1.0-1.2A

Output power: 30W /5 Meter

Working Tempreture:-20 to 50°

Luminous Flux: 500 Lumens

Color Temperature: Warm White: 2800-3200K

Pure White:5500-6500K

Size: L500cm (5M) x W1cm

Light color:Cool white


-Use super brightness LED as light source.

-Flexible and can be fixed on uneven surface, small volume, available in many colors.

-Each three LEDs make a loop and can be cut according to the incising line, without damaging other parts.

-Low power supply, safe for use.

-Long life span 50,000+ hours

-Can be used for illumination around the transparent or non-transparent material.

-There is 5M double side adhesive on the back for pasting.


Architectural decorative lighting.

Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting.

Amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting.

Emergency hallway lighting.

Auditorium walkway lighting.

Stairway accent lighting.

Concealed lighting.

Backlighting for signage letters.

Channel letter lighting.

Emergency exit path lighting.

Cove lighting.

Edge-lit acrylic panel lighting.